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Why Use Motul Synthetics

Why should you use Motul Synthetics everyday? Just in case …. Don’t take our word for it. Audi/VW engineers in Germany put the synthetics of 8100 0w40 to the test in a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine lasting 400 hours!!  Their conclusion: when you use Motul 8100 E-tech 0W40, your next oil change should be in 18,000 miles. Note: unlike what you would find in Europe, there is no clear correlation between (1) the oil standards and releases issued by a car manufacturer and (2) the same manufacturer’s warranty for its cars sold in North America. Always follow the instructions in the Owner’s Manual, Warranty Information and/or Maintenance booklet for your vehicle. 

These factory-tested performances are possible because Motul synthetics:
  - help the engine, gasoline or diesel, to run smoother and quieter,
  - provide excellent cold weather flow,
  - resist better to high temperatures, have a cooling effect,
  - provide outstanding resistance to sludge build-up and piston deposits. 

These benefits are true even when you change your oil every 3000 miles!! With extra protection tested much longer “just in case…”



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